Treat Yo Self – Plan a day just for you

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“Clothes. Treat yo self. Fragrances. Treat yo self. Massages. Treat yo self. Mimosas. Treat yo self. Fine leather goods. Treat yo self.” – Parks and Rec 

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Parks and Rec, you are probably familiar with Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle’s Treat Yo Self day. If you aren’t aware, Treat Yo Self is a day for relaxation and splurging. From spas to specialty gift stores and fine dining, Downtown St. Cloud offers everything you need to plan your own Treat Yo Self day. 

In true Treat Yo Self tradition, the day should start at a spa where you can be pampered from head to toe. Mantra Salon and Spa is the perfect place to relax. Some of their services include hair and scalp treatments, facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures. 

Treat yo self. 

Downtown St. Cloud is home to many local boutiques where you can pick up some new indulgent items. AMF Clothing is located inside Green Thumb Etc. Fiddlesticks offers boutique clothing for kids and women. Rush Boutique, Copper Pony, and Cinnamon Lifestyle are also Downtown. There are also many pop-up boutiques to keep an eye out for as well. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find a new wardrobe and treat yo self. 

Don’t forget about your house. Make your home a sanctuary with home décor from Copper Pony or Green Thumb Etc. Copper Pony has everything you need to give your home that elevated luxurious feeling to continue treating yo self at home. In addition to plants and home décor, Green Thumb Etc. offers custom chairs so you can sit in style every day. Talk about posh! 

Treat yo self. 

There are many fine dining options in Downtown St. Cloud. Jules’ Bistro is known for its delicious dishes made from scratch. White Horse Bar & Restaurant offers a fantastic Black & Blue Steak or Misoyaki Salmon. Searles offers various enticing steak and seafood options. MC’s Dugout offer relishable appetizers, including Mussels and Hand-Crafted Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms. There are plenty of opportunities to treat yo self to fine dining in Downtown St. Cloud. 


If you have been dreaming about the perfect tattoo for a while, Treat Yo Self day is the ideal time to splurge. Cream City Tattoo is home to talented artists who can help create the perfect piece of artwork for you. While they do take walk-ins, you’ll want to make sure to schedule ahead because it can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to get in. 

Treat yo self. 

After a day of shopping, you’re going to want to end your day with a relaxing bath. Spice of Life offers hand-crafted soaps, bath teas, bath soaks, and fancy tea to sip while you soak! 

Treat yo self. 

The idea of Treat Yo Self Day is about taking a day to do what makes you happy. This means the day will look different for everyone. What would your Treat Yo Self day look like?